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Chapter 9 - When To Seek Treatment

If you have been experiencing severe stress for more than a couple of weeks and have exhausted all natural remedies to no avail, you should seek medical attention. Yes, this book has repeatedly said that tranquilizers are bad, and they are, if taken at the first sign of a little stress and abused. However, if your blood pressure is shooting through the roof because you are stressed out all of the time, a little “chill pill” will not hurt.

If you are not finding any relief from your stress and feel that you are more stressed out than ever, despite everything that you are doing, talk to your physician.

Your doctor will most likely prescribe some sort of medication to relieve your stress or anxiety. He or she may diagnose an anxiety disorder after he or she examines you and asks a series of questions.

They will most likely want to know if you can identify the cause of your stress. They will want to know you family history and if anxiety disorders run in the family. They will also want to take a blood test and check you for diabetes as well as any thyroid conditions, both of which can be an underlying cause of anxiety or stress.

Your doctor will take your blood pressure and most likely want to see you again if your condition has not improved. If your blood pressure is high, he or she will probably want to see you again in a week.

In most cases, your doctor will recommend counseling or even a psychiatrist. Your regular physician is not a psychiatrist, who is a medical doctor who specializes in psychiatric medicine. A psychiatrist can make a more accurate diagnosis of your condition as well as prescribe medication.

In addition to seeing a psychiatrist, you will probably also want to see a counselor. While a psychiatrist is a medical doctor, he or she will be more interested in monitoring you with medication. A counselor, therapist or psychologist will be the person with whom you want to discuss all your issues.

Seeing a doctor for stress or anxiety does not make you “crazy.” As a matter of fact, it really makes you quite normal as more and more people are seeking medication for stress and anxiety disorders.

Your doctor will also want to know if you are having thoughts of suicide or harming others. If you have suicidal thoughts, seek emergency treatment. Do not think that this will be a solution to all of your problems. All it will do is hurt every single person who loves you for the rest of their lives. Do you really want to do that to them?

A doctor may also prescribe medication to balance your moods. If you are a woman who is close to menopause, the symptoms that you are experiencing could be due to menopause and hormone replacement therapy may or may not be recommended. If given a choice between an anti-depressant and hormone replacement therapy, many women will opt for the anti-depressant as it has less of a chance of harmful side effects. The anti-depressants act to boost the body’s production of serotonin and end up stabilizing your mood.

If untreated, stress can lead to a number of different ailments, including cancer. Stress is not something to mess around with or ignore. Going to a doctor for stress is very common today and there is absolutely no need for you to suffer in silence.

Try to use alternative means to relieve your stress with medication, if necessary. You may get to the point where you can control your reaction to stress and do not need the medication any longer. Do not attempt to self medicate yourself and do not abuse prescription drugs.

You can learn to overcome stress if you follow the tips that are given in this book. Eat right, exercise, have a routine, do not be afraid to laugh or cry and do not allow any person to continue to be a bane to your very existence. If you have a job that causes you a significant amount of stress, think about doing something else.

Get out of the rat race and re-join the human race. Quit allowing stress to run your life and the lives of those you love. Make a vow to stamp out stress and start loving life again.


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