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Many athletes will tell you that an important part of their training routine is rest. Muscles need time to repair after a workout. Remember that your brain is a type of muscle as well. It needs time to rest and recuperate in order to perform at its best. By giving your brain time off, you’ll be able to better concentrate and give tasks you once found difficult your full attention. They’ll be easier, believe me!  

So you’ve decided that a break is in order. Good for you! A break can be anything from a 10-minute meditation session to a trip around the world, and anything in-between. I think a break should be something that takes your mind off of a preoccupation with the everyday tedium of life.  

So depending on the time you wish to avail towards relaxing you may enjoy reading, watching a movie, cooking, playing with the kids, riding a motorbike or driving, exercising or doing sports, traveling or simply sleeping! 

While you are taking this rest, above all, allow yourself the time to do it and don’t feel guilty about. You will gain so very much by this time off, so enjoy the time you are giving yourself. 

Life will go on without you and contrary to what your mind might be telling you, everyone will survive – even when you’re not there! Let everything go and concentrate on YOU for once instead of everyone around you! 

If you’re feeling tired, unmotivated or just in need of a rest, don’t be a martyr or look negatively at this. You may actually find that in reality, allowing yourself a break will actually help you ultimately become more efficient and effective in every part of your life. Plus you’ll get the badly needed recharging of your “batteries” that you need and sorely deserve! 

Work can probably be one of the most stressful places to be. You might think that none of these techniques can help you when you’re around your co-workers. You couldn’t be more wrong. 

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