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Why do we not allow ourselves the time to take a ‘time out’? Perhaps we feel like we don’t deserve it or that there’s just too much to be done. There are many genuine reasons for needing to complete jobs and tasks; however we may also on occasion have ‘hidden agendas’ as to why we cannot stop for a break. Why? 

It could be ego. Some people simply enjoy boasting about, ‘how late they had to work in order to complete a project’ or ‘how much effort they invested in order to complete the job so quickly’. This type of person is often looking to impress others with their efforts, thereby increasing their ego in the process. 

Maybe you think you just can’t take the time off. "I can’t stop; I just have to get this finished". Does this sound familiar? "I can’t stop because the job has to be finished, WHY? So I can move straight on to the next thing, and the next, and the next etc…" This person will find that there is always something that has to be done, which will constantly prevent him/her from taking a break. 

Maybe you just feel like you need to be needed. A mother managing the household, kids and other chores may feel as if her household will collapse if she were to put her feet up or take a weekend off! By not taking a break she can keep convincing herself that her role is crucial and the family would collapse without her input. This may indeed be true, but is still not a good enough reason to prevent her having a rest! 

Get rid of that thinking! You can get some amazing benefits just by taking a little time for yourself! Allowing your mind and/or body to rest can help re-focus your attention, sharpen your wits and increase motivation. In addition, taking time out helps to relieve stress, can aid the recovery of tired muscles and also promotes the discovery that there is more to life than just work. 

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