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77 Volumes of
The Pulpit Commentary
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The Pulpit Commentary set can be found as a standard reference work on the bookshelves of many serious students of the Bible. With it multitude of hardcover print volumes, it is quite an impressive display in your office. The electronic edition may not lend the same scholarly aura to your office but it does fit on your laptop so you can bring it along in your briefcase! And better yet, you don't have to get out of your chair to pull up insightful commentary on any passage from any book of the Bible!


 Some Highlights

pulpit commentary

Links with any Bible in your Libronix DLS

pulpit commentary

Integrates seamlessly into your LOGOS Library

pulpit commentary

Biblical references in text are tagged as hotspots

pulpit commentary

Automatically searches The Pulpit Commentary alongside your other commentaries every time you initiate a passage search



The Pulpit Commentary covers every book of the Bible, with at least three treatments of every verse. For each biblical chapter, the commentary includes an Exposition, Homiletics, and various sample Homilies.

  • Exposition - Commentary on the passage, with exegetical, interpretive, theological, historical, and geographical observations. Written by the author of that volume.
  • Homiletics - A guide for preaching or teaching through the passage, with personal application, devotional insights, and observations about the rhetorical structure of the passage. Written by the author of that volume.
  • Homilies - Actual sermons from various contributors, covering a couple of verses or a pericope. Typically, a brief introduction followed by 2-5 "points" with a number of references to other passages that provide biblical context.

Taken together, the three treatments of each passage provide a detailed outline of key concepts in the passage, while imparting a rich sense of biblical context--context of both the immediate book and the larger themes of Scripture.

Veteran preachers already know the value of this best-selling commentary set, but it's also perfect for lay leaders. Far more than just a simple commentary, it provides an unrivalled range of homiletic helps that go a long way toward presenting the biblical text in a Sunday school lesson, sermon, or Bible study.

As a previous customer of KwikMind Software you are entitled to this complete Commentary Set in Logos / Libronix format for ONLY 139.97 which is over 1/2 the cost of the hard back versions and lower than that found on the LOGOS website.