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Logos Bible Software 3Logos Bible Software - The most advanced Bible Software in the world is the result of years of continued research into how people study the Bible and how to make that Bible study EASIER and MORE REWARDING.

Coming in several packages (called "Libraries"), each consists of the exact same Professional-Level Software Engine, but with a varied collection of texts and "addin modules". The addin modules address the need for custom reports, special features, and assist you to more effectively use specific data sets.

Here's the great thing about the LOGOS Software libraries

The larger the collection you purchase TODAY

the more you will save

As you move up the scale of packages, the content keeps getting bigger and better until you reach the awesome "SCHOLAR'S LIBRARY: GOLD" (available as an upgrade from LOGOS after purchasing the Scholar's Base package from us).

Check out this LOGOS LIBRONIX PRODUCT COMPARISON CHART to see which would be the best Library for you.

We would never tell you not to buy our product, but please remember YOU ONLY GET ONE CHANCE TO BE A FIRST TIME BUYER, and the bigger the collection you buy, the better the deal. Of course you can always add titles in the future, but you can save up to 90% over individual prices depending on the collection you buy. This is one time where buying the biggest collection you can the first time provides dramatic savings.

Here are the Logos Bible Software collections available at discounted prices.

Logos Bible Study Library Logos Leaders Library Logos Leaders Library