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Christian Theology, 2nd ed.
by Millard Erickson

A Comprehensive and engaging introduction to systematic theology from an Evangelical perspective

Millard Erickson Christian TheologyFor over twenty years Millard Erickson’s Christian Theology has been used in universities and seminaries as a reliable and comprehensive introduction to systematic theology. This new edition includes numerous additions to the original, reflecting the changes occurring within the theological, intellectual, political, economic, and social realms. There is a new chapter on postmodernism, along with chapter objectives, chapter summaries, and study questions. Most major topics of theology are discussed, including important areas such as biblical criticism, the relationship between theology and philosophy, and contemporizing the Christian message. A noted benefit is Erickson’s willingness to engage with non-evangelical viewpoints giving the reader an inside look at what those outside the conservative evangelical circle believe. A frequent comment made about the original edition was that it was very user-friendly. The author has striven to retain the original edition’s user-friendly characteristic in this new edition.
The central theme of Christian Theology is the magnificence of God. The author refers to the greatness of God in terms of His power, knowledge, and other traditional “natural attributes,” as well as His excellence and splendor. Erickson reminds us, “Theology as well as life needs to be centered on the great living God, rather than on the human creature.” Perceiving the Christian faith as being challenged by both religious competitors and nonreligious ideologies, Dr. Erickson insists that careful theological reasoning and affirmation is even more important than when his first edition was published. With that in mind, it is the author’s hope and prayer that his book will be used by God to strengthen the church and extend the kingdom.
Erickson writes from a conservative, evangelical, Baptist perspective, and, although reformed, he is not ardently Calvinistic. Christian Theology does contain Greek and Hebrew transliterations, but these occurrences are not overwhelming. The book is designed for use in seminaries, but is accessible to the lay-reader as well. Scriptural quotations are generally from the New International Version. Christian Theology is clearly an indispensable tool for pastors, students and church leaders.

Erickson Christian Systematic Theology